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About US

Our Purpose.

We, members of Hanameel Children's Village in Chingola.

DETERMINED and COMMITTED in the spirit of practical Christian faith, to improve the general welfare of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in  Zambia, through the relief of poverty hardships and distress for Orphans and Vulnerable Children to be able to live in a decent level of humanity

, we believe in the power of love and compassion to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable members of our society - orphans and underprivileged children. We strive to provide these children with a safe and loving home where they can grow up feeling loved and secure. We are dedicated to providing them with the care, attention, education, and support they need to reach their full potential. We are committed to giving them a chance at a better future by taking care of their basic needs while also providing them with guidance and emotional support. Through our work, we hope to create a brighter future for these children who have been abandoned or neglected by society.

Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose in life is? Our founder did, and after an epiphany she decided to give back to the less fortunate. She and her sister started an orphanage to help inspire others to educate and clothe children in need. Our organization has already made a difference in the lives of many children, and we invite you to join us and make a difference too. With your help, we can ensure a brighter future for these children

Our Mission

Our Mission.

Our mission is to inspire others to be generous and make a positive impact on the world. With your support, we can reach more children and continue our work of providing them with hope and opportunity.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to create a world where all children have access to hope and opportunity, regardless of their circumstances. Through our mission to inspire generosity and positive impact, we strive to empower individuals to make a difference in the lives of children in need. With the support of our community, we envision a brighter future for children around the globe, where they can grow, learn, and thrive.

What We Do 

At Hanameel, we believe in the transformative power of love and compassion. Our mission goes beyond providing mere assistance; we strive to create a nurturing environment where every child feels cherished and secure. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive care, quality education, and unwavering support, empowering these children to reach their full potential.












Since our establishment in 2009, Hanameel Children's Village has been a cornerstone of support for families in Chingola's Kapisha, Soweto, and Kamba Township areas. We stand as a testament to the vision and dedication of our late Co-founder, Annah Mkandawire, who played a vital role in the construction and supervision of our village in Kabundi South, Chingola.

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In Loving Memory of Annah Mkandawire

We would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to Annah Mkandawire who was one of the Directors of Hanameel Children's village. She was one of the key pioneers of this project from it's establishment in 2009. She supported a number of families with basic needs majorly in Chingola's Kapisha area, Soweto areas and Kamba Township areas up to the time she went to be with the Lord on 30th November, 2023. She also helped to supervise the construction of Hanameel Children's village in Kabundi South, Chingola.


A glimpse of Annah; She was a woman of few words, compassion noble character, wisdom, dedication, forgiveness, love and always priotised other people's needs. We were blessed by her selfless lifestyle above and beyond. we will certainly live to appreciate God for her life

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